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Just because we are delighted to receive them.

Michel Nieto is Chief Executive Office of Baume & Mercier, Switzeland, and travels to more than 60 countries a year/Total Immersion®
"If Berlitz had proposed a program requiring me to attend classes two or three days a week I never could have done it.  The Total Immersion® program allows me to block my calendar several months in advance so I can take two or three days or a week to concentrate only on improving my English with no distractions.  I attend Berltiz to focus conversational practice at my level of fluency, discussing topics of interest to me.  I am happy with my accent but I want to become perfectly fluent in English.

Marco Tümmler, Sales Director (Baden-Württemberg) Siemens Household Appliances/Individual Training
"Very individual language training, perfectly tailored to my personal requirements.
High degree of flexibility, including agreeing on short-term appointments.
Creative and very skilled instructors with a positive attitude.
Learning material that is very practical and above all modern, up to date, including complex, intricate business subject matter"

Björn Kleinhans, Human Resources Development Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH/Corporate Group Training
"We had various reasons for our decision to work with Berltiz.  Professional language training was offered to us by a supplier that works according to international standards and is represented worldwide.  The well-thought-out uniform Berltiz level and evaluation system as well as the tailor-made training contents, for example for our company the technical areas of human resources, completely convinced us.  Our many years of cooperation with Berlitz is based on mutual trust and excellent customer service"

Tracy Woodruff, Training Manager Europe, Lilly Critical Care Europe/Berlitz Virtual Classroom
"The Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) was a decisive criteria in our decision in favor of Berlitz as our language services provider.  As a fixed component of the Berltiz portfolio we saw our requirement fulfilled right from the beginning with the BVC, so much so that working together with other suppliers of language training was not even an option for us.
Without exception, our employees who completed the units of tuition in the BVC reacted very positively to the medium, the interactive possibilities and the comfort of online learning."

Daniel Warnholtz, Procter & Gamble Belgium
"Due to work demands I always have a very full appointment book, therefore I absolutely wanted to complete my foreign language tuition from the office.  The Berlitz Virtual Classroom is ideally suited to this - including the fact that if I need I can simply postpone the lesson until the evening.
The system runs with great stability and I received skilled assistance in the installation and user guidance from Berlitz right from the start.  The communication with the instructor is very good as well because most of the time you are really in an active dialogue.
For me the most important thing is to increase my vocabulary and to learn to make myself understood in a new language in the shortest possible time.  The Berlitz Virtual Classroom is a brilliant program for these purposes!"

Jürgen Becker, Vice President Billing & Collection
"Business Flexibility means for us that we want to support our customers in their business developments, whether national or international.  For this it is important that we be able to communicate with the customers in international circles.  This requirement of the market is addressed not only to the customer care representatives, but to the whole company.  Therefore we offer our employees the possibility of further developing their language skills.  Our partner Berlitz helps us with this.
One hundred twenty-three employees in 21 groups at the Göppingen site, with the external offices in Bonn and Darmstadt, take part in Berlitz language training in English.  According to their level they are learning professionally-related content in small groups with the expert guidance of the Berlitz language instructors, and they can immediately use their knowledge in practice."

5 questions for a satisfied customer: Guido Ruiz, DuPont de Nemours, European HR Advisor

1. Mr. Ruiz, what area of assignments do you work in and exactly what are you responsible for?
"I am the European HR Advisor at DuPont de Nemours and responsible for employee continuing education in the non-technical area"

2. Did your company have another supplier for language training before changing to Berlitz?
"Yes, we have worked with other language schools.  However, these schools did not have a uniform learning system and could not instruct our employees throughout Germany."

3. Why did you decide in favor of Berlitz?
"The broad range of languages and forms of tuition as well as the uniform learning concept were the crucial factors for us.  In addition the most qualified Berlitz instructors in all of Germany teach precisely the content that we set in advance as a company.  That is simply excellent and guarantees us a high return on investment."

4. What programs of tuition do you receive from Berlitz and what is their extent?
"We mainly train groups within the company; however, we also have workshops, individual training, intensive courses and open courses.  Throughout Germany in one year around 800 employees took part in a total of more than 10,000 units of instruction."

5. What do you especially like about the Berlitz training courses?
"The well-through-out, tailor-made learning materials as well as the combination of in-class courses and online offers, which is very effective for us.  And the fact that as a company, because of the uniform tests and reports about learning progress, we can make quick comparisons of the abilities of our employees."  

Many thanks for the opportunity to participate on this course.


Katy , Shell Company

Yesterday, I attended the final classes of the German Language Immersion Learning at the Berlitz Hamburg centre, completing Level 1-4 of their course within my scheduled classes.

 Some feedback!

 - I enjoyed it thoroughly and 1:1 sessions over normal office hours in a classroom really suited my learning style.

  • - I have seen an improvement in my lingual interactions with staff in my workplace and place of stay. Life is generally a lot easier and I am integrating within the teams and communities around me.
  • - Most of the classes were led by an enthusiastic and proficient native German-speaking teacher. Knowledge of grammar and handle of German linguistics was high.
  • - Seeing the same teachers multiple times was good for building rapport and progress, as it avoided re-introductions to each other at the beginning of classes.
  • - It was also refreshing to have switch teachers on other days as each teacher had a different style. It was nice to have a handover session after lunch when both teachers of the day were present in order to simulate a more realistic social situation.
  • - In reality, it is quite challenging for the delegate (and the teachers!) to keep the same pace throughout the whole course, when material and vocab is progressively getting harder and grammatically complex.
  • - I took the final level test (4) before I had completed all the Units within level 4 in order to meet the original target, which I think is Shell's metric of proficiency. This works on paper to say I met the deliverables, but I may not work if it means the approach I am taking involves rushing through the material to complete a test, rather than spending time learning relevant material outside of the test scope or syllabus for operating in a foreign professional environment.
  • - There were enough breaks in the day if I needed to give my mind a pause from a long session.
  • - However, despite the demands of such an intensive programme, it works for people who want to really learn the language quickly. Berlitz clearly have a lot of experience in these Immersion Courses.


Many thanks again for your support on this occasion. I hope others are able to benefit from such classes.


Kind regards


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