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Blended elearning - telephone and cyberteachers

Blended Learning: Telephone Coaching &  CyberTeachers

The combination of Telephone Coaching with an unlimited licence for the CyberTeachers programme enables you to learn a new language even more effectively and with faster results.

Enjoy the benefits of both products and combine your personal instruction over the telephone with the web-based learning platform.
The combo packet offers Telephone Coaching and CyberTeachers.

Telephone Coaching 

  • 30 minute lesson units with role plays, specialized for your job.
  • The teachers are available 24/7.
  • Maximum flexibility: possibility for the trainee to postpone a lesson up to six hours before it starts.
  • An interactive booking platform
  • Virtual blackboard thanks to which the trainer and the learner can discuss and exchange documents during the lesson.
  • The trainees can follow their lessons by telephone at home, from their office, from a hotel room or from any other location equipped with a fixed telephone or via Skype. They need only indicate a telephone number and a time slot for the next lesson and the trainer will call them wherever they are anywhere in the world.
  • Emergency sessions, bookable for ad hoc support when preparing for presentations or other language related situations.
  • Feedback by means of a Lesson Report after every unit, and assignments for the next telephone call.


  • A wide range of training media like e-mail, videos, mobile phone applications, podcasts, and more.
  • 20 language tools, such as Speech Trainer, Speed Memorization, dictionary, translator, writing assistants, situation cards, etc.
  • Monitoring tools that continuously analyse your performance and individually adapt the level of difficulty of each lesson.
    Personalized teaching content.
  • Feedback reports after every lesson and opportunities to compare your learning progress with that of the other course participants.

Your benefits, in brief:

  • Time savings
  • Flexibility
  • Cost savings
  • Personal support
  • Very fast learning pace

Languages offered:
Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

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