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Kids & Teens

Because it just comes so easily to children or teens

Learning a foreign language is never as easy as in childhood. Full of curiosity, children quite naturally immerse themselves in a new language. The chances of them being able to speak without an accent are all the greater the earlier they start to learn. Furthermore, our experience shows how much fun young learners have and how proudly, confidently and naturally they practise their new language.

The benefits

A whole host of good reasons for learning a language while young:

  • Learning a second language has a positive influence on children's intellectual capacities
  • It encourages and enriches intellectual development
  • It enhances mental agility
  • It aids understanding of the native language
  • It lays the foundation for an understanding and appreciation of other cultures
  • It provides a sound basis for language learning at school
  • It improves job opportunities in many fields

How it works:

Whether you want your child to learn during the school year or during the holidays, there will be a programme meeting your expectations:


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