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How learning becomes an adventure.

Learning by Speaking

Do you want the holidays to be exciting - and purposeful? Both are possible with Berlitz Kids and Teens Camps. Our camps combine active language lessons with great recreational activities. In this way, the campers learn languages quickly and with focus, whilst also having a great deal of fun.
Football, golf, horse riding, mini-quad, adventurers, magicians, musical stars... at our camps, holidays are a real event. The recreational activities are so varied that there is bound to be something for everyone - child or teenager. And the best thing is that with our Learning by Speaking concept, the campers also learn their target language quickly, without any stress and as a secondary activity. For Learning by Speaking means that the foreign language is integrated into the daily life of the camp in a perfectly natural manner. Our native / fluent speaker trainers encourage the children and teenagers to actively use and expand their existing knowledge of the language.

Exciting and motivating lessons

The language lessons at the camps are nothing like normal school lessons. Whereas at school, children learn as much new material as possible in the form of vocabulary and grammar, the camps emphasize active speaking. Interviews, role plays and language games are lively teaching elements, and are great fun as well. The kids and teenagers quickly gain the confidence to speak freely and learn to use the language correctly by intuition. Everyone can join in, by the way, regardless of the level of their language skills. Language levels are determined on site at the start of every camp. The campers are then divided into learning groups of 12 youngsters according to their language level.

Who is it for?

The language Camps are available for Kids and Teens from 7 to 17 years old who want to learn or progress in Dutch, French, German or English.

How does it work? It's simple.

Together with your kids, you use the search functions camp language, programme or location to quickly find the perfect holiday destination from our wide range.


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