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Berlitz Test of Writing Skills

Berlitz Test of Writing Skills

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The Berlitz Test of Writing Skills which assesses second language writing has been developed through the collaborative efforts of Berlitz International, Inc. and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
The test is designed to assess business and professional use of English writing in a workplace setting.
This test is intended to be used by organizations, international corporations and government agencies throughout the world in their recruitment, staff training and development, and benchmarking processes.

The Berlitz Test of Writing Skills includes three tasks that were based on the outcomes of three activities: research on writing tests available on the market, a needs analysis study and a pilot test.
Effort is made to select task types that best reflect the „situational authenticity" (Bachman and Palmer, 1996), in the sense that the representative writing tasks in the real business setting are properly selected.

The three chosen tasks are: write an e-mail, a memo and a report respectively.

In „Write an e-mail", test-takers are asked to write an e-mail reply according to a colleague's e-mail message.
In „Write a memo", test-takers need to write a short memo announcement to a wider audience in the company with regard to a newly launched policy.
In „Write a report", test-takers are expected to demonstrate their ability to write a professional evaluation report based on given graphs to potential or existing clients.
Given a variety of factors that influence the level of difficulty in each task, the expected level of difficulty for „Write an e-mail" is the easiest while „Write a report" is the most difficult.

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