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Actiris Training Cheque


With language cheques, gain access to employment faster !

What is it about?
The Language Cheque - Job is a measure that aims at facilitating the hiring of job seekers for whom a lack of linguistic knowledge (French, Dutch, German, English) constitutes an obstacle in their job search. The Language Cheque - Job offers you the possibility of following training in languages free of charge as from your hiring or your start as a person who is self-employed as a principal activity.

Who can benefit from a Language - Job Cheque?
To be able to benefit from the Language Cheque - Job, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • you are enrolled at ACTIRIS as a job seeker and
  • you know one of the two languages of the Brussels-Capital Region and,
  • you sit a language test in one of our agencies BEFORE signing your employment contract or establishing yourself as a self-employed person and,
  • you are a resident in one of the 19 communes of the Brussels-Capital Region or your future employer is established in the Brussels region OR you are a resident of Brussels and you are going to establish yourself as a self-employed person as your principal activity




What are the advantages?
The Language Cheque - Job is financed 100% by ACTIRIS. This measure can be also be drawn concurrently with the other ACTIRIS cheques. It allows you to bring yourself up to standard in a quick, effective and tailor-made way, to better correspond to the profile sought by your future employer or necessary to your future activity.

What training courses?
On the basis of the results obtained in the language test, this cheque allows you to follow 20, 40 or 60 of individual courses in Dutch, French, English or German. These individual courses are focused on the position or the activity that you will fill.

What is the procedure?
If you fulfil the conditions, here is the step to follow:

BEFORE the signing of your employment contract or your establishment as self-employed person, take an appointment at the Espace langues (Language space) in one of our agencies to sit a language test. On the basis of your results, you will receive a voucher to follow individual courses.

AFTER having signed your employment contract or started up your self-employed activity, you will receive your Language Cheque - Job in exchange for a voucher duly completed and a copy of your employment contract or a proof of your self-employed status (enrolment in the Banque Carrefour Entreprises). The cheque is valid for six months, counted from the date of issue.

What are the conditions for granting it?
Only after the signing of your employment contract or your establishment as a self-employed person will you be able to obtain a Language Cheque - Job in exchange for a voucher. The employer must offer an employment contract of indeterminate duration or an employment contract with a specified duration of at least six months. The contract must always concern a minimum of a regime of half-time work. If you have self-employed status, your activity must be done as your principal activity.

Do you need more information?
To receive more information on the Language Cheque - Job, please contact your ACTIRIS advisor.


Please call us at:

0800 900 93

Hours of availibility:

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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