Combine telephone instruction with the award-winning e-learning platform

Improve your language proficiency or learn a language OVER THE PHONE and ONLINE with your own personal instructor and personalised language program. Take complete control of your schedule and learning program; you decide when and where your lessons take place.

This unique training course combines the efficiency of our Individual Telephone courses with Online Instruction for superior results. You benefit from the personal attention of native speaking trainers and get unlimited access to all online material and help tools from CyberTeachers, designed to further enhance your learning experience.

Lessons are available 24/7 and you have all the flexibility you need to attend your courses, even when you are on the go or have a challenging schedule. No travelling, no waiting around, no hassle!

What do you get with Blended Learning?

  • 30-minute Phone (or Skype) lessons with a personal language instructor tailored to your specific needs

  • Unlimited access to the CyberTeachers e-learning platform

  • Face to Face lessons

How do the phone lessons work?

  • Book a date and time on our easy-to-use platform that’s most convenient for you with your personal language instructor

  • At the allotted time, your personal language instructor will call you directly

  • No minutes are wasted thanks to our 3 point system:

  • Presentation: Discover relevant topics based on your own personal learning plan

  • Practice: Complete exercises to effectively learn the material

  • Production: Apply the learnings in live role-playing situations

  • After the lesson, you will get a detailed lesson progress report and an opportunity to give your advice to improve your future lessons

  • Supplement your phone lessons with unlimited access to CyberTeachers e-learning platform

Who will be teaching the phone lessons?

  • Choose from over 800 experienced and native-speaking teachers

  • Berlitz certified instructors with a passion for languages and culture

  • Our enthusiastic teachers are eager to give you constructive feedback

  • Our supportive educators give you the assistance you need to reach your goals

How does CyberTeachers work?

Our e-learning platform allows you to learn at your own pace and at your desired level.

  • Online language audit to determine your proficiency level

  • Regular emails with flash lessons to improve competencies

  • Tailored e-lesson plans adapt to your needs: vocabulary, grammar, understanding, expression

  • Personalised lesson plans according to your specific interests and learning objectives

  • Unique language tools to help you achieve perfect pronunciation

How do the Face to Face lessons work?

  • Minimum 1,5h per week face to face lessons with your instructor.

Who is Blended Learning for?

Blended Learning is perfect for professionals with tight schedules that can’t commit to fixed lesson times.

  • Time-strapped young professional seeking a business brush up to improve career prospects

  • Overloaded consultants looking to improve proficiency to expand business horizons

  • Busy senior executives looking to master a language to impress clients

  • Active parents without spare time wanting to take their first steps in language learning

Benefits of Blended Learning

     ✓ Instruction in real time over the phone, when and where it’s most convenient for you

     ✓ Personalised lesson plan to align with your specific learning needs

     ✓ Delay or postpone lessons up to 6 hours before the lesson

     ✓ Effortlessly manage your lesson times with the easy-to-use Netplanning platform

     ✓ 100% based on the Berlitz method® applied used at our Berlitz centres

     ✓ Continuous instructor feedback and interim reports to accelerate your learning

     ✓ Flexible lesson times to suit your agenda and no wasted time on travel

     ✓ Affordable lesson packages

Available for 6 target languages:

English English  German German   Spanish Spanish   French French   Italian Italian

An authentic language learning experience

With Blended Learning you experience a unique language course. On one hand, you practise your oral skills with your private instructor over the phone. On the other, you benefit from unlimited self-study practice with CyberTeachers to reinforce your competencies in grammar, vocabulary and written comprehension.

The learning material is fully customized to your individual needs; both personal and professional goals. You get full support from your trainer and are constantly motivated to reach your language goals quickly and effectively.

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