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Financial Aid

There is a system for subsidising continuous vocational training in the German-speaking Community as well, so that people interested in language training can also benefit from financial aid, to the extent that they fulfil the conditions of the subsidies. 

In the German-speaking Community, the BRAWO subsidising system falls within the scope of a project co-financed by the European Social Funds (ESF). 

BRAWO is the abbreviation for "Berufliche Aus- und Weiterbildungsoffensive" and it is intended to promote continuing professional or vocational training. 

A subsidy can be requested by: 

- a salaried worker
- an employer for himself/herself or for one or more of his/her salaried workers (max. five employees for the same training)
- a self-employed person or a person practising a (liberal) profession
- a job seeker (under certain conditions) on condition especially that their residence and/or workplace be located in the German-speaking Community. 

The application form for a BRAWO subsidy (downloadable at http://www.wib.be/ -> BRAWO) must be submitted to the Ministry of the German-speaking Community before the beginning of the training.

Besides the enrolment costs, BRAWO takes into consideration the purchase of documentation and of materials indispensable for the training, the examination fees, the travel costs, the costs for stays as well as childcare costs.
One-third of the total admissible costs are refunded, with a maximum of 1000 € per training and per person. 

Please note: compulsory training is not subsidised by BRAWO. 

The subsidy request form as well as the complete regulations of BRAWO can be downloaded at http://www.wib.be/ (-> BRAWO).
Currently the documents are available only in German. A translation into the French language is planned. 

For any additional information, please call the number: 0800/92 187 (freephone number) or visit http://www.wib.be/.


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