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Forem Training Cheques

Financial Aid

Do you want to benefit from financial aid for the continuing training of your workers? The Training Cheque gives you the opportunity thanks to a very simple formula: for 15 euros you buy a cheque with a value of 30 euros, valid for one hour of training per worker.

What are the conditions?

For you or your company:

The Training Cheque is accessible to any natural person or any legal entity in the form of an economic interest group. You must fulfil four conditions:

  • you have a principal site of activities located in the Walloon French-speaking region;
  • Your company has a maximum of 250 workers OR you are self-employed as your principal activity;
  • your turnover amounts to a maximum of 50 million euros OR the total on your financial balance sheet is less than 43 million euros;
  • your enterprise is autonomous (see definition in our Training Cheque sheet).

For your workers:

All registered training courses are accessible to workers, to temporary workers and to people who are self-employed as their principal activity. On the other hand, people in the Training Insertion Plan (PFI), students, apprentices and interns in the enterprise do not have the right to them.


The Training Cheque is valid for one hour of training per worker in training. With a validity of one year, it is purchased for 15 euros and has a value of 30 euros. Depending on the size of your enterprise, the number of Training Cheques that you can obtain varies from 100 to 800. The same principle also exists for training courses in languages and for Eco-Climate cheques. Consult our for more indications.


You choose one of the 357 training operators registered by the Walloon Region .

You complete one of the registration forms (depending on your status) as well as the declaration on your honour and you send them back, signed, to the Training Cheque department of Forem:

Once these formalities have been accomplished and after examination of your application by our departments, you will be contacted by the company Sodexho, responsible for the administrative and commercial monitoring of the Training Cheque measure.


Please call us at:

0800 900 93

Hours of availibility:

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Berlitz Center