Global Citizen Language Program

Are you considering a career in international relations but unsure if you have what it takes?

Are you an ambitious adolescent or young professional with a desire to forge a career in international relations or global business? Do you want to take the first steps in your career as a foreign diplomat or government official? Or are you interested in a profession involving cross-cultural collaboration, international politics, global diplomacy or foreign affairs?


These are all upstanding and noble professions requiring many skills, competencies and expertise of which you probably currently fall short. Besides, you likely have major doubts you’ll be able to make the grade because:

  • You lack any foreign language skills; so you’re too nervous to apply for fear you won’t be accepted

  • You’re a complete beginner in language learning; you’re scared you’ll look foolish if you speak in front of others

  • You have no understanding of other cultures, cultural differences and attitudes; so you think you won’t make the cut

  • You doubt you possess the cultural negotiation skills required; you have no idea what to learn, or where to start


If this sounds like you, the Global Citizen Language Program is the ideal course if you want to build a strong foundation in multiple international languages simultaneously.

Not only will you learn to communicate clearly, achieve perfect pronunciation and understand others in multiple languages; but you will gain the cultural awareness and understanding required to collaborate with people from differing cultural backgrounds and international communities.

While this is the perfect pre-university course to put you on a successful career path, the Global Citizen Language Program also welcomes business professionals seeking to boost their language skills and increase their cultural awareness to help succeed in global business. 


Tailored to your career path and learning goals

Our experienced language trainers will select course material in line with your career and personal learning goals––as indicated by you––when the course commences. This guarantees you will learn in an environment reflecting real-world scenarios relevant to true-to-life situations you will experience along your career journey.


Learn quicker in groups

Enhancing language skills and cultural knowledge in groups is a tried-and-tested approach to make fast progress in a short time-frame. Not only will you advance your comprehension and communication skills, but using role-playing exercises in real-life scenarios with your fellow learners, you will immediately be able to apply your new skills in the real world.


Total immersion with the Berlitz Method®

The Berlitz Method® centres on total immersion in your chosen languages which means a strict emphasis on honing speaking and conversational skills. This differs from most other language learning methods which use outdated rote learning tasks, tedious grammar exercises and boring written assignments.

This unique approach means you will immediately learn to think and speak in your chosen languages. After a few lessons, your confidence will increase and you will be able to clearly communicate your thoughts; banishing the previous inhibitions and fears holding you back.

Which languages can you choose?

You can select THREE from the following languages:


portuguese flag language Portuguese


ae flag Arabic

japanese flag Japanese

chinese flag Mandarin


Is your preferred language missing?

You can still speed your way to proficiency in other 

languages with our Private Premium course.


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What do you get with the Global Citizen Language Program?

  • Multi-language training –– Choose 3 international languages to best suit your career path and learning objectives

  • 30 week, part-time intense program –– Get 15 x 45-min face-to-face lessons per week

  • Equal time allocated for each language –– 5 lessons per language each week

  • Guaranteed small class sizes –– Minimum 3 and maximum 8 participants

  • Berlitz Online Live Seminars –– Get 10 x 45-min interactive lessons in a virtual classroom with qualified consultants

  • Unlimited access to Cultural Navigator® –– Boost your cultural understanding, communication and leadership skills

  • Your own team of personal language trainers motivated to give individual instruction, attention and support

  • Personalised language program – Content tailored to your future career path, professional industry & personal goals

  • Start at Beginner Level; Finish at Level 3 –– Make significant progress in the duration of the program

How do the Berlitz Online Live Seminars work?

Learn from the comfort of your own home, in the library, at work or wherever you choose with Berlitz Online Live Seminar––Business Across Cultures. Benefit from online instruction––in real-time––with interactive, consultant-led classes.

  • Learn cultural concepts of perception and understanding

  • Discover potential pitfalls in your own perception and how to deal with prejudice

  • Learn how to manage culture shock from resistance to adjustment

  • Learn how to deal with cultural rules, resolve misunderstandings and conflicts


What is Cultural Navigator®?

An online platform providing cultural and business information designed to give a competitive edge in global business. It offers a unique learning experience that can be personalized based on your business interests, career path and educational goals.

  • Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI) –– Take the industry-leading, psychometrically validated assessment tool
  • Understand your personal cultural preference –– Discover how cultural differences can impact global business
  • Identify potential cultural challenges –– Get strategies to navigate cultural differences, attitudes and disputes
  • Collaborate more effectively with clients –– Learn how to navigate different cultural norms and business practices

Benefits of the Global Citizen Language Program

✓  Make maximum progress in the shortest time frame

✓  Guaranteed small class sizes mean you get individual attention so no time is wasted   

✓  Get a personalised learning plan in line with your future career path and professional goals

✓  Tailor-made lesson plans enable you to reach your learning goals faster

✓   Guaranteed to be actively speaking over 50% of your face-to-face lesson time

✓   From the beginning, you will think and speak in your chosen languages

✓   Continuous instructor feedback and interim reports to accelerate your learning

✓   100% based on the Berlitz Method® used at all of our Berlitz centers

Who should apply for the Global Citizen Language Program?

  • Pre-college adolescents wanting to forge a career in international cultural relations seeking a head start in languages

  • International business or political science students seeking a competitive edge in international languages

  • Professionals seeking to enhance their language skills and global cultural understanding in international relations

  • Business owners seeking to expand overseas that want to avoid cultural misunderstandings 


Who will be teaching the Global Citizen Language Program?

  • Native-speaking, dedicated and motivated instructors prepared to take your language skills to the next level

  • Fully-qualified, experienced and certified instructors with a passion for international languages and global culture

  • Patient, enthusiastic, friendly and warm teachers eager to keep you engaged and give you constructive feedback

  • Supportive educators to give you the assistance and encouragement you need to achieve your learning goals


Where do the courses take place?

The course takes place in purpose-built, professional language schools; centrally located, and easily accessible by public transport with car parking facilities close by.

  • Brussels – Avenue Louise 65, 1050 Bruxelles

  • Antwerp –  Britselei 15, 2000 Antwerpen


When do the courses take place?

  • Program starts: October 4th 2019

  • Choose between: 09:00-12:00 or 13:30-16:30


Flexible payment options

  • Belgian Family Allowance  – This program allows the right for family allowances to be retained

  • Quarterly payment option –– Flexible quarterly payments plans are permitted upon request


What have our previous students said?

We regularly hear from thrilled past students who tell us of their enhanced communication skills, increased confidence and improved pronunciation since learning a new language using the Berlitz Method®.

"I like the Berlitz method. We spend much of the time speaking. I can really see the difference with a previous course I took, where we mainly focused on grammar."


Liam Janssens

"The group had the perfect size, a group with 5 students. We were able to practice many things during the lessons while the teacher gave us all the individual attention we needed. I would definitely recommend the groups courses from Berlitz. "


Sabine Dubois

Book the Global Citizen Language Program today!

If you want to learn multiple languages, increase your cultural understanding, and learn about different cultural backgrounds and international business communities, the Global Citizen Language Program is the perfect course for you.

Whether you’re a young adult or professional considering a career in international relations, a business owner trying to expand your company into foreign markets, or you simply want to learn languages for personal reasons; our experienced team of language trainers will give you all the support and feedback you need.

To claim your place, simply click the button below and take your first steps in your new language learning journey. Alternatively, click here to get in touch with a Berlitz representative and they will be delighted to answer all your questions.

  • 3 international languages
  • 30-week intensive program
  • 15 x 45min lessons/week (5 per language)
  • 10 x 45-min Berlitz Online Live Seminars
  • Unlimited access to Cultural Navigator
  • Flexible payments & family allowance accepted
  • All materials and registration included

PRICE €6.650,- (+1.395,50 VAT @21%)
Quarterly payment plan available upon request



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Hours of availibility:

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