Sprint ahead with a Berlitz one-week language course

Do you have the need, time, and motivation to learn a new language in a very short amount of time? Then the Berlitz Sprint Language Course is your ideal training.

This full-time, one-on-one study program enables you to get a head start in your chosen language. Your commitment is 5 days of study per week, from 09:00 to 16:30. The intensity of the programme allows for quick progression and development of the key language skills. Many of our corporate clients choose this training, especially when they have a business need or will relocate to a new country.

Benefits of our Intensive Sprint Courses
  • Speedy learning progress thanks to intensive language instruction
  • Flexible scheduling; the course takes 5 full days (45 lessons in total, including lunch) and is scheduled according to your availabilities
  • You will be actively speaking more than 60% of the time
  • Your course will be tailor made to meet your personal needs
  • Right from the start, you will think and speak in the new language as actively as possible

Targeted to your personal and professional needs

Berlitz trainers select course materials based on your stated goals, identified at the beginning of the course. This ensures that you learn to speak in a setting that reflects your real-world experiences. The cornerstone of the Berlitz Method® is to give you the confidence you need to speak a new language outside of the lessons.

Whether you wish to improve your target language of your course for personal or for business reasons, active speaking will be the main focus of your programme, and our Sprint course is defintely the right choice for you!

The Sprint course is ideal for learners who need to improve their level of proficiency and gain a solid foundation in a new language quickly. Contact your local Berlitz center to get more information and book a Sprint course today.


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