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Intercultural Workshops

Seminars without limits

The world is an open place. What you make of it is up to you. We live in an era of limitless mobility, freedom of travel and professional opportunities on every continent. The technical and practical possibilities are not what restrict us in most cases. The greatest limitations are often in our minds.

Cultural differences can contribute to decreased productivity and cause misunderstandings and conflicts. The Berlitz Cultural Orientation tools are designed for managers of multicultural teams, frequent business travelers, short-term assignees, and others who do business in an unfamiliar region or country and want to optimize their cross-cultural skills.

Business across Cultures

The basics of intercultural collaboration and country-specific knowledge - taught in a compact package.

Sucessful cooperation with...

Anyone engaging in international business will quickly discover that professional expertise alone leads to only moderate success.

Welcome to Belgium

Dismantling barricades and providing an insight into the Belgium Culture including working methods or traditional self-images is the focus of this course.

Relocation Training

This program prepares individuals and their entire families for life in their new country for anyone planning to live abroad for any length of time.

Repatriation - Welcome Home

This training course offers support in all circumstances of every day life for employees and their families who return home after an extended period abroad.


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