Welcome to our Satellite center in Leuven

Besides the classes given in our Berlitz centers that are implanted in Belgium, we can also provide with classes in our satellite center in Leuven. We have premises in the Officenter of Leuven, which is a business center located Grauwmeer.

Grauwmeer is a semi-circular road around an industrial/research park near exits. You’ll  be taught  in modern, comfortable  and well equipped classrooms.

Thanks to our famous proven-effective and continuously improved method coupled with  a top notch team, Berlitz has taught millions of people around the world to speak a new language quickly and effectively. Whether you are a company, a private person or whether you want your child  to learn a new language ; whatever your goal may be, we can provide you with a tailor-made solution.

  • We hold classes mornings, afternoons and evenings at our Satellite Center or at your workplace.
  • We propose a wide-range of classes. We can propose one-to-one or group classes, virtual learning,  cultural seminars, just to name a few.
  • Our experienced, native-speaking instructors will make a point in helping you reaching your goals.
  • You can expect engaging, up-to-date materials, customizable content, consistent high quality attention-and measurable results.

What we offer:

Whether you schedule your lessons at the Berlitz center or at another location of your choice, the Berlitz Method® ensures quick and efficient results. With a continously extended selection of study content, covering a variety of topics, your instructors customize the language learning experience. Hence, gaining the most out of each and every lesson is the goal setting. Contact the Berlitz center Leuven today to get more information about language courses and seminars.

Benefits of Semi-Private courses Group Courses

The Berlitz Group Instruction offers you a comfortable group setting where you are immersed in the new target language, learning to speak intuitively, through conversation.

Benefits of Face-to-Face Individual courses Private Courses

The Face-to-Face Individual courses combine all the benefits of the proven Berlitz Method® with the advantages of working with a personal instructor.

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Online Berlitz Online Courses

E-Learning and Instructor-led online solutions that provides you with customized language instruction.

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Please call us at:

0800 900 93

Hours of availibility:

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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