Your berlitz Center in Louvain La Neuve

Situated in the heart of Louvain La Neuve within easy reach of public transport, the school offers Berlitz programs throughout the year. Close to the historic sites which make it such a fascinating location, you will immediately see why Waterloo has the reputation of being an interesting and international town.

The brand-new center is spacious, modern and offers all the characteristics of a truly global center in a convivial atmosphere, with the added advantage of a parking area.

A language course at Louvain La Neuve not only presents an opportunity to learn a new language or brush up on an existing one but, thanks to its position, it also offers you a chance to take advantage of the culture and history of Louvain La Neuve, and of course to visit nearby Brussels, the capital of Europe.

Berlitz is a Qfor certified Company.

Benefits of Semi-Private courses Group Courses

The Berlitz Group Instruction offers you a comfortable group setting where you are immersed in the new target language, learning to speak intuitively, through conversation.

Benefits of Face-to-Face Individual courses Private Courses

The Face-to-Face Individual courses combine all the benefits of the proven Berlitz Method® with the advantages of working with a personal instructor.

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Benefits of Corporate Group courses Employee Courses

The Berlitz Group courses are designed to increase your employees’ business communication skills.

What we offer:

Whether you schedule your lessons at the Berlitz center or at another location of your choice, the Berlitz Method® ensures quick and efficient results. With a continously extended selection of study content, covering a variety of topics, your instructors customize the language learning experience. Hence, gaining the most out of each and every lesson is the goal setting. Contact the Berlitz center Louvain la Neuve today to get more information about language courses and seminars.


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0800 900 93

Hours of availibility:

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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