Leadership Workshops

Leadership and Strategy Workshops

We have been offering customized solutions to our business customers for many years. Today, professional training is essential for enabling you to assert yourself on the global market and to be successful. That's why we have developed special, innovative seminars, workshops and concepts that offer you efficient training with real added value. Our business seminars achieve high quality results. This means that participants can put the new things that they learned during training into practice afterwards. After all, this is the only way that investment and effort pay off.

Becoming a successful leader

Participants learn in this seminar how to develop their individual leadership style, to motivate themselves and to instal enthusiasm in staff.

Influencing without Authority 1 + 2

Participants of this seminar learn techniques to quickly form good relationships with their staff without explicitly exerting their authority.

Building, developing and managing teams

This seminar provides invaluable expertise on the leadership of groups so that the team performance exceeds the potential of the individual members by far.

Working in virtual teams

Virtual teams are increasingly replacing direct daily contact in the office. The participants develop rules for virtual and intercultural communication.

Change Management

Assigning responsibility to teams, and showing how employees can grow as individuals through change processes is the scope of this seminar.


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