Do you struggle to keep up with the conversation in a second language?

Improving your language skills is an on-going exercise needing continuous practice, determination and attention. Whether you’re an expat who has recently relocated to Belgium, a professional working in a second language or a business owner dealing with foreign clients; you face similar communication and comprehension challenges.

  • You get lost in conversations with more than one person; so you smile and nod and pretend to understand

  • You lack the confidence to voice your thoughts at work; so you stay silent and your ideas and opinions are wasted

  • You struggle to keep up with the conversation at social gatherings; so you get anxious, nervous and embarrassed

  • You’re fearful of speaking up in case you make a mistake and look foolish in front of co-workers, clients or friends


The worst part is if you can’t accurately convey your thoughts, you can’t show your true value to your employer; meaning you may be overlooked when it comes to career advancement opportunities.

It’s no secret that people who possess multilingual skills have an advantage in the workplace with higher chances of qualifying for a salary increase, securing a promotion or chances to work on international projects.

If this sounds all too familiar, Time To Talk is the perfect language course if you want to improve your conversational skills, comprehension and pronunciation; while boosting your confidence and unlocking new career possibilities.


Language learning in groups

Developing your language skills in a group setting is a proven method to make significant progress in a short space of time. Not only will you improve your comprehension and communication skills, but using role-playing exercises in real-life scenarios with your fellow students, you will be able to immediately apply what you have learned in the real world.


Total immersion with the Berlitz Method®

At the heart of the Berlitz Method®, is total immersion in your target language which means a laser-focus on speaking, comprehension and conversational skills. Our method differs from most other language courses which use obsolete rote learning tasks, tedious grammar exercises and dull written assignments.

Our unique approach means you will immediately learn to think and speak in your target language. After your first few lessons, your confidence will increase––banishing the inhibitions and anxieties that were holding you back––and you will be able to speak clearly while understanding the conversation around you.


Which languages and levels can you choose?








Select from:

Pre-intermediate / Intermediate Level


Upper Intermediate / Advanced Level

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What do you get with Time To Talk?

  • 10 week, 15-hour, part-time program – Get 2 x 45-min face-to-face group lessons per week––20 lessons in total

  • Guaranteed small class sizes –  Minimum 4 and maximum 8 participants

  • Your own personal language trainer motivated to give individual instruction, attention and support

  • All learning materials included and adaptable to your specific learning objectives

  • Flexible lesson times – Choose from 16:30-18:00 or 18:00-19:30

  • Choice of language levels – Select pre-intermediate/intermediate or upper intermediate/advanced

Benefits of the Time To Talk

  Small class sizes mean individual instructor attention, feedback and support 

  Make maximum progress in the shortest time frame with a conversation-first approach

  You can practise with your fellow learners so no time is wasted

  Tailor-made lesson plans enable you to reach your learning goals faster

  Guaranteed to be actively speaking for 100% of your lesson time

  From the beginning, you will think and speak in your target language

  Continuous instructor feedback and interim reports to accelerate your learning

  100% based on the Berlitz Method® used at all of our Berlitz centers

Who is Time To Talk best suited to?

  • Expats who have recently relocated to Belgium who want to level-up their language skills and make fast progress

  • Working professionals who have trouble understanding conversation who want to boost their confidence

  • Professionals relocating abroad with limited knowledge of the language who want to improve their conversational skills

  • Business owners seeking to improve their conversational skills to expand international business opportunities


Who will be teaching Time To Talk?

  • Native-speaking, dedicated and motivated instructors prepared to take your language skills to the next level

  • Fully-qualified, experienced and certified instructors with a passion for international languages and global culture

  • Patient, enthusiastic, friendly and warm teachers eager to keep you engaged and give you constructive feedback

  • Supportive educators to give you the assistance and encouragement you need to achieve your learning goals


Where do the courses take place?

The course takes place in purpose-built, professional language schools; centrally located, and easily accessible by public transport with car parking facilities close by.

  •  Liège – Rue Pont d’Avroy 2-4, 4000 Liège
  • Antwerp – Britselei 15, 2000 Antwerpen

  • Ghent – Martelaarslaan 45, 9000 Ghent

  • Waterloo – Chaussée de Bruxelles 483, 1410 Waterloo


When do the courses take place?

Antwerp and Ghent (See Waterloo below):

  • Start dates: Week beginning; Oct 7th, Nov 18th 2019 & Jan 13th 2020

  • Choose from: 16:30-18:00 or 18:00-19:30

  • Mondays – French

  • Tuesdays – English

  • Wednesdays – Dutch

  • Thursdays – German

  • Fridays – Spanish



  • 2020 Start dates: Week beginning; 13/01, 06/04, 09/07 & 05/10

  • Choose from: 16:30-18:00 or 18:00-19:30

  • Mondays – French

  • Tuesdays – English

  • Wednesdays – Dutch

  • Thursdays – German

  • Fridays – Spanish


Waterloo Schedules by language:

Dutch : Mondays from 6PM until 7.30 PM or Tuesdays from 12 o’clock until 1.30 PM

English: Mondays from 6PM until 7.30 PM or Fridays from 12 o’clock until 1.30 PM

Spanish: Tuesdays from 12 o’clock until 1.30 PM

French: Wednesdays from 6PM until 7.30 PM or Mondays from 12 o’clock until 1.30 PM


Bonus for previous Berlitz students

Students who have previously followed at least one Berlitz Premium Formula language course are eligible for a 50% DISCOUNT on the Time To Talk language course.

What have our previous students said?

We often hear from delighted past students who tell us of their enhanced communication skills, increased confidence and improved comprehension skills since learning a new language using the Berlitz Method®.

"I like the Berlitz method. We spend much of the time speaking. I can really see the difference with a previous course I took, where we mainly focused on grammar."


Liam Janssens

"The group had the perfect size, a group with 5 students.
We were able to practice many things during the lessons while the teacher gave us all the individual attention we needed. I would definitely recommend the groups courses from Berlitz. "


Sabine Dubois

Book the Time To Talk course today!

If you want to improve your comprehension, communication and conversational skills while opening up new and exciting career opportunities, Time To Talk is the ideal language course to take you to the next level.

Whether you’re an expat recently arrived in Belgium seeking to improve your conversational skills, a company owner wanting to increase business opportunities abroad, or a professional who will soon relocate abroad; our experienced team of language trainers will give you all the support and feedback you need.

To secure your spot, simply click the link below and take your first steps in your new language learning journey. Alternatively, click here to get in touch with a Berlitz representative and they will be happy to answer all your questions.

  • 10-week, part-time program
  • 20 x 45-min lessons
  • 15 hours in total
  • 100% focus on conversation
  • Guaranteed small class sizes
  • Flexible lesson times
  • All materials and registration included

Price: €365 (+ €76.65 VAT @ 21%)




Please call us at:

0800 900 93

Hours of availibility:

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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